Before heading out to Raja Ampat, to make sure were ‘ship shape’ a dry dock was needed! 

The boat was hauled out the water, and inspected inside out and top to bottom, with repairs and maintenance being completed where necessary.  We also took the opportunity to overhaul engines and attend to some other outstanding mechanical repairs.

All in all, whilst this necessary process was not always fun (but always muddy, greasy, oily and paint covered) and in so many ways extremely stressful, we strongly believe that it’s when adversity hits that you see people’s true colors and how they perform under pressure.  And put simply, we love the colours of our team.  They have hearts of gold and a will and desire to get this boat of ours in the best shape possible, and guard it like their own.   

Throughout this docking process the whole team once again demonstrated what it takes to be an Orang Laut.  It’s not just about fun and or/beautiful parts, as these photos clearly demonstrate,  there’s SO MUCH that goes on behind-the-scenes in order to support our projects in the field!

We welcome you to browse through the very muddy photos and videos below…. and we hope you enjoy Zadrak’s muddy air guitar! 😉 

Drydock Videos