Even on any ordinary day, this would be a gorgeous sight to see… fish aggregating and feeding on a healthy reef in Raja Ampat.

So why then, are we pointing it out (apart from it just being pretty)?

Well, these fish are aggregating on a RESTORED reef. A reef that was once a degraded area of coral rubble. And what’s even more important and interesting, is that these are fish that are those that are exploited by humans for eating.

Access to an abundance of fish underpins the lives of Raja Ampat’s local communities in small villages scattered across the archipelago. In some places, for multiple reasons, fish stocks are lower than before, causing fisherman to have to travel further for fish, increasing time, fuel and effort required.

So for us, it’s incredible to see Yaf Keru bringing back life and attracting these kinds of fish to reefs close to communities. And whilst this particular restored site is at a location were fishing does not occur (in accordance with regulations from the local community), it helps serve as a place to attract and protect grazing fish and molluscs, which then attract larger predatory fish… which can then lead to overstock and overflow into areas where local community members DO fish.

The Yaf Keru Reef Restoration and Conservation program is not just about beautification; but rather rebuilding ecosystems, supporting local communities, and helping safeguard ecosystem benefits (like food!) into the future. Restored reefs can become crucial sanctuaries, nurturing marine life that spills over to fishing grounds, sustaining both people and nature.  And this cycle of life, from degraded reef, to healthy reef, to abundant fish stocks to supporting communities, showcases the power of restoration and the urgent need for our collective action! 

🌟 Want to Help? 🌟

Your support can help us restore and protect Raja Ampat’s reefs – each donation received breathes life into our restoration program, empowering us to expand our reach, and to restore and protect even more reefs.  For every €18 received, we can restore an additional 1sqm of degraded reef, protect 1sqm of primary healthy reef, whilst supporting livelihoods for local community members.

To support our efforts please consider a contribution to our efforts, and donate here.