His LinkedIn bio says…. “Experienced, independent and ocean-focused chair. Reviewer, facilitator, adviser and mentor”.  And all of this is true. But, to us he’s so much more.

To us, Greg is a great friend, mentor, dive-buddy, incredible team mate and honorary crew member.  A charger of our often depleted batteries (mine and Arno’s, not the gadgets and devices scattered about the boat), who gives wisdom, guidance, and a laugh when we need it.  Preferring remote to resort, he’s the guy up for any adventure (good, or sometimes… less good), going willingly with the flow and taking it all in stride – even when ‘the flow’ it takes us some pretty strange places! 

The past couple of weeks we’ve had the honour and privilege of having Greg on board The Galaxea with us, on his 4th (or 5th?) trip here in Raja Ampat.  And this time, he documented it all in his daily “SEA People Diaries”.  All entries are published on Greg’s own Linkedin page… but we’re resharing them here because they make for a fantastic read.

Greg, from all of us, THANKYOU.  Not just for the diary entries… but for the joy you brought to the boat and our team the past couple of weeks, and all years of support and mentorship!  It goes without saying, you’re welcome any time, and we’re looking forward to our next adventure! 🙂 


Day Zero: The SEA People Diaries | By Greg Johannes.  

I’ve become a bit frustrated lately with the constant stream of new ocean policies. And strategies. And blueprints. And roadmaps. And frameworks. And agreements. And principles. And criteria. And compacts. And plans.

Now don’t get me wrong, because I’ve always been a ‘policy’ guy. I’ve had the word in my job title at least four times over the years. I love a good policy.

Unfortunately, while they are a necessary condition they are in no way sufficient for change. If they were we could just write our way out of challenges like climate change.

Without associated action, policies and strategies et al are ink on paper. And reading them and talking about them doesn’t actually get me any closer to the water.

So I’ve decided to change it up for a few weeks. I’ve been an ambassador for my friends at The SEA People (Orang Laut Papua) for a few years now. They ride the waters of Raja Ampat in West Papua in their re-purposed liveaboard, working in a kaleidoscope of culture and nature.

The SEA People are restoring and conserving coral reefs with local communities, and I’m spending the next fortnight with them exploring and diving and learning in one of the last relatively untouched marine environments on Earth.

Along the way, when signal allows, I’m hoping to write a series of updates and upload them to LinkedIn. My SEA People diaries.

Of course … we need to clear the local harbour’s compliance requirements before we can leave so for now … it’s waiting and watching.

LinkedIn | Greg Johannes
Photo: Greg Johannes