Zoning – Raja Ampat Marine Protected Areas

This interactive map outlines all Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) within Raja Ampat.  Below this map is a table providing an explanation of zoning within each MPA, and the activities that are permitted and forbidden within these areas.

All residents and visitors within Raja Ampat’s Marine Protected Areas are required to comply with Zoning Regulation.

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Zoning in Raja Ampat’s Marine Protected Areas

The Zoning Maps for each Marine Protected Area can be found at the links below: 

Raja Ampat Marine Park – All MPAS
Dampier Strait MPA
Fam Islands MPA
Asia & Ayau Islands MPA
West Waigeo Marine Reserve
Mayalibit Bay MPA
Misool Islands MPA
North Misool MPA
Kofiau Boo MPA
Raja Ampat National MPA


Raja Ampat’s rich reefs and abundant seas provide a multitude of ecosystem services to local and international communities and industries. From traditional use and food security, through to fisheries and a growing tourism industry; a variety of stakeholders derive benefit from the regions marine resources.

In order to protect these resources from exploitation or unsustainable use, and to ensure the long-term protection of marine environments, in 2004 the first of 9 Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) was established. This network of MPAs now covers 2,000,109 hectares which together form the Raja Ampat Marine Park, under provincial and national jurisdiction.

Each Marine Protected Area contains specific zones, which help to manage and protect natural resources by applying rules that define the activities that are permitted, the activities that are prohibited, and the activities that require a permit. Zones may also place restrictions on how some activities are conducted.

Zoning is an integral component of management in the Raja Ampat Marine Park; it is a key strategy in sustaining and improving reef health and resilience, leading to healthy and productive reefs throughout the region, which in turn provides food security, regional stability, and economic and health benefits to local communities and a range of local and international stakeholders.

The Raja Ampat Marine Park Management and Zonation Plan 2019-2038 makes provision for a range of ecologically suitable commercial, recreational and research opportunities within Marine Protected Areas, along with supporting traditional usage and related practices.


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