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Although we are based in Raja Ampat, we are honoured to have a small but committed tribe of SEA People from around the world supporting us, and together we’ve come along way.  But the road to conservation is long, and as our foundation grows and our projects expand, we are increasingly being asked, “how can we support you from home?”. Well, the best and most honest answer is, by inspiring others CARE and to ACT!

By running your own fundraising campaign, you contribute directly in expanding our fieldwork and supporting local communities.  By telling your family and friends why you care about Raja Ampat’s reefs, and why you are committed to protecting the most marine biodiverse place on Earth, you will inspire them to CARE and ACT as well.  And it is through this, that you will further enable our local team to:

  • restore more degraded reefs
  • provide training and livelihoods for more local community members
  • train more marine park rangers
  • help us improve capacity to monitor megafauna and human activity on the world’s most biodiverse coral reefs
  • remove more coral eating Crown of Thorn Starfish

Start a campaign in 2 easy steps


Decide you want to make a difference.

It only takes a few minutes. Click one (or both!) of the links below and complete your registration (you’ll receive an email to do so). Personalize your campaign page by adding photos and your own message. That’s it! In just a few minutes you will be ready to help protect coral reefs in Raja Ampat, whilst supporting local communities.


Spread the word amongst your family and friends.

Once your campaign page is set up, tell your family and friends what you’re doing and why.  The more people you tell, the  the faster your campaign will grow, and the greater the difference you’ll make!

Lemonade Stand for The SEA People

Beachside Lemonade stand: a fundraisaing campaign by ‘SEA People’ in the South of France

Campaign Inspiration

Your campaign is unique to you – you’re only limited by your imagination!   If you’re stuck for inspiration, here’s some ideas to get you started, including some campaigns that our supporters have done in the past. 

Fundraising Volunteer Raja Ampat The SEA People
Fundraising Volunteer Raja Ampat The SEA People
Fundraising Volunteer Raja Ampat The SEA People
Fundraising Volunteer Raja Ampat The SEA People
Fundraising Volunteer Raja Ampat The SEA People
Fundraising Volunteer Raja Ampat The SEA People

A few words from us.. 

As a field based non profit, much of our time is divided between implementing projects in the field, and fundraising.  However, being based in a remote location, this can be extremely challenging, as there’s only so far limited internet can take us in terms of connecting with the outside world.
Therefore, as we move forward we aim to collaborate with fellow SEA People from around the world, who are willing to offer their support by campaigning and fundraising on our behalf.

It is to these committed individuals that we aim to pass the fundraising baton, which will ultimately catapult us towards being even more impactful in our mission to RESTORE, PROTECT and CONSERVE Raja Ampat’s coral reefs, whilst supporting the local communities who depend on them.

To show our immense gratitude, we will publicly acknowledge all our fundraisers (with permission) on social media and more permanently on our website, as means to let the world know of their amazing and selfless contribution. And who knows… one day, maybe we could have all our remarkable fundraisers together in Raja Ampat, seeing firsthand the impact of their contribution!

THANKYOU from all of us.  We believe in you.  GO FOR IT! 


Join the global tribe of SEA People, who give to protect the reefs of Raja Ampat.

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