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Raja Ampat is the most marine biodiverse place on Earth. But its reefs are at risk.  You can help protect them.


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Thankyou for your commitment to marine conservation in Raja Ampat!

The SEA People is  member-based charitable organisation, comprising of passionate and dedicated people who are committed to the protection and conservation of coral reefs in Raja Ampat.  When you become a member, you join this group of people and are more actively involved in our organisation.

We invite you complete the application form below to become an annual member of The SEA People, a registered Charitable Association under the Government of the Republic of France (ID number 853074300).

Upon approval of this application*, you will receive an official email from us, validating your membership and welcoming you to the global tribe of SEA People. We thank you again, and look forward to welcoming you as a member!

Member Participation

As a member, you will be invited to attend the Annual General Meeting where we will present in detail our work, and where you will also be able to ask us questions, or offer ideas and suggestions. Our members will also receive priority consideration whenever an opportunity arises to join us in the field, or support us from wherever you are a located.

Member Obligations

The only obligations for members are the annual membership fee of €10, and a desire to protect the reefs of Raja Ampat through community based conservation.
You will also be invited to attend and vote at our Annual General Meeting, however, participation is not mandatory.   Your membership will be renewed with your permission each year, upon payment of the annual membership fee.

Membership Application – The SEA PEOPLE



Have you made a donation to The SEA People in the last 2 months?

In order to become a member of The SEA People, an annual membership (or minimum donation) of €10 is required per year. If you have not donated within the last 2 months, and your application is accepted, you will be forwarded an invoice for €10 which must be paid in full to activate your membership.

5) Are you a member of, or hold a position within, any other clubs, foundations or member associations?

6) Do you authorise The SEA People to take photos that include you, and publish these photos for fundraising or (non-profit) promotional purposes?

7) GDPR Compliance: I agree to receive occasional electronic communications from The SEA People (The Sea People Privacy Policy can be found at this link: )

We're sorry you don't want to hear from us by email! By selecting 'no' above, you may miss out on information that is of interest to you. In this instance, we kindly ask for your understanding in the following matter: in order to invite you to our Annual General Meeting, as required by all Associations in France, we would like to email you once (x1) per year. If you do not wish to receive this invitation via email, please forward to us at the address listed below, a stamped, self addressed envelope, prior to 31st May each year, so that we can post your Annual General Meeting invitation to you. 'Attention: The SEA People, 706 Chemin de Peidessalle, 06560 Valbonne, France'. Thankyou for your understanding.

8) Membership Period: Membership is valid for 12 months, expiring on the last day of the twelfth (12th) month of membership.

9) Applicant Declaration: I would like to become a member of The SEA People and hereby declare that by making this application that I have no criminal convictions, and that I will carry out no activities which may bring the Association into disrepute. I hereby declare that by making this application and signing the below, that I have I have read, and accept, the association Statute (**see link below). I accept, that if I am approved for membership, my details will be held on a secure database and will not be passed on to any third party without my express permission.

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* The SEA People reserves the right to decline an application for membership.
** Click here to view The SEA People Statute


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