The SEA People – Partners

We are proud to work collaboratively with a tribe of global SEA People; our partners, stakeholders and friends, all of whom share the common goal of marine conservation within the Raja Ampat region and worldwide.  It is only with this support, and through these relationships that we are able to achieve our mission and our goals, and we have immense gratitude to everyone for their support along the way. Thank-you to our ever growing list of partners and stakeholders, we look forward to continuing our work with you in conserving Raja Ampat through Science, Education and Awareness.


With more than 80 members, the Ocean Climate Platform promotes reflection and exchanges between the scientific community, civil society and political decision-makers. This coalition brings together research institutes, non-governmental organizations, higher education institutions, aquariums, representatives of the private sector and French and international institutions.

Planète Mer is a facilitator and a springboard for solutions that help secure future of our oceans. Building concrete solutions that are replicable in other territories, and adopted into Public Policy, Planète Mer acts in 3 core areas: the protection of biodiversity marine with the citizens (Les Observateurs du Littoral), resource use management with fisherman (Pêcheurs d’Avenir), and the restoration of degraded marine environments with the local communities (Resilience of the Peoples of the Sea).


Since 1969 the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) has been helping organizations solve problems using geographic information systems (GIS). Esri’s mapping and analytics platform empowers millions of users to unlock their data’s full potential and inspire positive change. Their commitment to innovation allows them to rapidly address the changing and emerging needs of our user community. For over 30 years the Esri Conservation Program has provided technology solutions and capacity building support for the global conservation community.
Esri Conservation

SMILO (Small Islands Organisation) supports small islands of less than 150 km² in their sustainable development and management of their resources. It supports the integrated management of island territories in the areas of water & sanitation, waste, energy, biodiversity, landscapes and heritage.


Soul Scuba Divers Raja Ampat

A dive centre located on the western tip of Kri Island, Soul Scuba offers diving and snorkelling throughout the region, whilst supporting local homestays and communities.  With an eco-conscious ‘soul’, this dive centre operates with environmental principles front of mind, and offers local community members and visitors the opportunity to increase their understanding of environmental awareness and conservation in Raja Ampat.  Soul Scuba is also an active supporter of our Yaf Ker reef restoration effort.

Child Aid Papua asserts that every child has a right to education; and that education is the key to sustainable environmental protection.  Working with children and adolescents in Raja Ampat, Child Aid Papua focuses on environmental education, supplemental education and activities that are aimed at supporting a better future for both humans and the environment.

Foxroad Productions specialises in documentary making and independent films, and is a leader in underwater videography, and filming wildlife using CCRs (closed circuit re-breathers).
Run by Kevin Sempe, an experienced director, cinematographer and professional diver who specialises in RED shooting, Foxroad Productions has produced work for Amazon, ARTE, Planète + and France TV. Kevin was also previously a director at Cinémarine producing work for BBC, Discovery, and ZDF.

Wide Open Projects (WOP) is a non-profit organization helping in educational, social and conservation projects in Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia.  WOP supports local partners, including The SEA People, succeed in conservation and education efforts by providing them the resources they need and by sharing their good work to the world.

France’s leading online diving magazine, Scuba-People provides in depth guides to the world’s best diving locations, gear, photography, reviews, safety, and of course marine conservation and related environmental issues.   ScubaPeople is also a free platform for divers around the the world to share information and ideas through their members service, and is a key partner in sharing The SEA People’s work with divers worldwide.

Birds Head Seascape is a resource rich website dedicated to sustainable tourism within the BHS region. Visitors can find up to date details about the region and its people, as well as  scientific and posts from conservationists working to discover and conserve the BHS’s treasure trove of biodiversity. The founders of this site have spent more than a decade exploring the most remote underwater regions of the BHS, and are passionate advocates for sustainable tourism and development in the region.


Historical Partners

Coral Guardian is a French non-profit international organization dedicated to the conservation of coral reef ecosystems, raising awareness, scientific research and the development of marine ecosystems for communities that depend on them for subsistance. Coral Guardian aims to promote innovative approaches to marine conservation and encourage sustainable development models by exploring an array of different environmental, social and scientific possibilities. Coral Guardian has provided training in coral reef restoration and ecology to a number of our Coral Gardeners and local community members from Raja Ampat.


URISA’s GISCorps provides GIS services to  governments, communities and NGOs worldwide, providing the technology needed to  obtain and display vast quantities of information using interactive maps that enable spatial analysis.  GISCorps provides technical support to The SEA People in its Conservation Technology projects, which provide centralised intelligence and visual representation of real time data from the Marine Park.

FEROXED produces 6K & 4K RAW stock footage from underwater, topside and aerial environments, and is acutely aware of the urgent need to protect Earth, and in particular – our Oceans. By filming around the globe, FEROXED is recording the current state of Nature on our beautiful blue planet and striving to educate and enlighten whenever possible.


Trees to Seas is a Non-Profit Organization which aims to create conservation through education and participation;  teaching conservation and stewardship through adventures from the trees to seas.  Trees to Seas currently supports the COTS Control and Monitoring program in Raja Ampat by sourcing and funding the essential components needed for COTs injecting kits, along with their delivery to Sorong.




The Lost Seahorse

The Lost Seahorse is a stop-motion short film set in the Indo-Pacific Ocean. It tells the story of a white seahorse that struggles to blend in amidst a colourful coral reef. When an anchor hits the reef, the seahorse is swept far from home and must survive the dangerous return journey. Along the way, he encounters fearsome predators, cleverly camouflaged creatures, mysterious garbage and a mangled fishing net. 

Set in Raja Ampat, all of the locations and characters seen in The Lost Seahorse are inspired by real creatures and places in the Bird’s Head Seascape, and in addition to its poignant story and charismatic characters, this film invites us to reflect on the ecological damage we have inflicted upon our oceans.

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