Volunteer Positions Vacant

Calling Orang Laut from around the world – we need you! 

Are you interested in being actively involved in The SEA People, and becoming a true ‘Orang Laut’ (which means ‘sea people’ or ‘sea person’ in Bahasa Indonesia)?

The SEA People are currently searching for passionate and skilled individuals who are willing to not just talk the talk, but genuinely walk the walk and take ACTION to contribute to the protection of coral ecosystems in Raja Ampat.

We seek motivated individuals, willing to commit their time and skills to defending the most biodiverse waters on Earth, as a Volunteer with The SEA People.

Volunteer Raja Ampat The SEA People

The Positions

CrowdFunding Expert – APPLICATIONS OPEN
We are currently seeking an experienced digital fundraiser, with a focus on the delivery of successful Crowdfunding Campaign(s). This role will actively contribute to The SEA People’s fundraising strategy and will be involved in the growth and retention of our donors and supporters, ultimately contributing to the expansion of our field work and the protection of coral reefs in the world’s last remaining coral stronghold.   Click Here for the full position description and application process.

GIS Experts – multiple positions: All Positions filled
Remote Operations Manager: Position filled
Translator English to French: Position filled

The Benefits

By offering to your time and skills to The SEA People, you contribute directly to the realization of community based projects that protect and conserve coral reefs and marine ecosystems in Raja Ampat – from wherever you are located in the world.

As a volunteer with us, you will:

  • Be a part of a global team of committed and passionate ‘Orang Laut’
  • Collaborate closely with Founders and Ambassadors (perhaps even become an Ambassador yourself!)
  • Be considered and treated as a colleague (not just ‘free help’); you will be respected, your time will be valued, your strengths utilized, and your feedback heard.
  • Gain valuable ‘real world’ experience in the field you volunteer in;
  • Where feasible and meaningful, long term (12+ months), high impact volunteers will be rewarded with the opportunity to join us in the field to continue/expand their work, and be offered a return flight from any major city to Raja Ampat.   If applicable, Scuba Diving courses will be offered.

To be eligible to apply

To be eligible to Volunteer with The SEA People, you must meet the following requirements:
– be a minimum of 18yrs old (or applying with signed approval from parent or guardian)
– be an official member of The SEA People
– be passionate and motivated about the conservation and protection of marine ecosystems
– meet the selection criteria outlined in position descriptions
– answer any questions included in positions descriptions

A word on Volunteering with us

We humbly and respectfully ask you NOT to contact us with the following offer; “You pay for my flights, diving and accommodation, and I’ll work for you for free”.  This is not a volunteering model we are willing to support (believe us.. we get these requests often!).

We know it’s the dream of many to conduct conservation activities in the field, and at The SEA People, we value and appreciate this passion and desire to contribute – it’s what got our Founders here!

However, it is important to remember that short term volunteers need training and time to learn how our projects work and run, and time to adjust to remote living and a new culture.  Investing this time and effort into developing short term volunteer competencies can detract from our focus – delivering local community based conservation projects.  Our priority is to devote our time and resources to training and employing local people, as we believe this makes the greatest contribution to the local environment, community and economy.  For this reason, in general we do not support short-term voluntary positions unless we think the volunteer can have an immediate, positive and sustainable impact on our work and on the amazing communities and ecosystems within which we live.

Put simply, from an environmental, socio-cultural and economic perspective, The SEA People prioritises the training and hiring of local community members over and above that of hosting short term volunteers from abroad.

This being said, we consider all volunteer applications on a case by case basis, and at time of writing:
1) For those who are planning to visit or already in Raja Ampat, and are interested in volunteering or contributing to our work, we invite you to contact us, and in the instance we have an opportunity to join our fieldwork (coral restoration, Crown of Thorns Management mitigation, marine megafauna monitoring etc) we are happy discuss with you how you could contribute and be involved.*

2) Volunteers applying from abroad who wish to join us in the field will only be considered in the following scenarios:
– they bring with them a skill we need and do not yet have
– they provide an additional source of funding to further support the development of community based projects
– they are already considered long term, high impact volunteers (as described above)*

3) We may offer our long term volunteers the opportunity to join us in the field after 12+ months, high impact work from their location (see previous)*

*In order to comply with Indonesian law, any long term Volunteer who participates in our programs in Raja Ampat is required to obtain the correct visa to enable their stay and voluntary participation. All volunteers must offer their services freely, and will not be paid or remunerated for participating in the activities of The SEA People and Yaysan Orang Laut Papua.


Once again, we humbly and respectfully ask you NOT to contact us with the following offer; “You pay for my flights, diving and accommodation, and I’ll work for you for free”.  Thankyou for your understanding.