Skills, Materials and Fundraising

We are a small team of passionate and committed individuals, but we can’t do it all.  We need skills based collaborators willing to crunch data, fundraise, provide technical know-how, provide graphic design, videography and media production, and those willing to offer logistical support in a variatey of ways from afar. Below is our list of wishes, that we hope can be granted by those willing to become a part of The SEA People, and be a true Orang Laut, from wherever they are in the world!


With an incredibly challenging 2019 behind us, 2020 stands to be our biggest year yet with respect to re-establishment and expanding  our work to a regional scale.  What we need more than anything right now, is donations from those individuals and organisations passionate about marine conservation, and willing to support us through giving.  All donations contribute directly to our field operations, which means that every single euro, every single dollar, goes towards a field based conservation outputs.  DONATE NOW, and help us work with local communities in protecting one of last remaining marine biodiversity strongholds on the planet.


Being based in the field and directly implementing field projects, we do not have the ability to dedicate alot of time to ongoing fundraising activities. We are seeking individuals willing to conduct fundraising and awareness activities and campaigns on our behalf, from their home country. Please CONTACT US if you are interested in joining The SEA People as a dedicated fundraiser – as a one off or over a longer term.

Mr Bruce Butterworth; supporter, fundraiser and friend of The SEA People

Watch This Space

We periodically need SEA People from around the world to support us with logistics, technology, media production, content development, graphic design and various other skills or materials that enable us to conduct our work in the field.  Please keep an eye on our wishlist and facebook page for any new items on our wishlist!